short help text to right

different help text depending on member

different "products" on stripe determines membership

If we are using products to determine whether or not someone is a member, they need to buy the product at the start of their membership year?

help text

Become a member of the co-op
5 EUR / year (listener)

Benefits of membership:

identifier is email address; user record

personas have a display username


At end of basic account creation, what does the user have?

Release owners' account collects credits

At the end of membership creation


What if someone lands here and they are a manager of an artist?
How does the manager hand over the profile to the artist?

When a proxy creates an artist account for an artist?

Proxy will be managing uploading
Artist account

Basic role
Artists role

Can a user have multiple roles
User can be a user, artist, label

each is a container for the ones below



To present membership as default and desirable, even practically inevitable. Membership is how the co-op recognizes contribution and commitment. If you use Resonate enough that this contribution is recognized by other members as demonstrating commitment, then you should be a member. Part of being a member means that you democratically get to decide what the contribution and commitment thresholds are for future members.

Members are those who contribute to Resonate consistently enough that it is recognized by other members as commitment.

Since membership will be presented this way, we should use Join as our default language rather than Sign up. We are encouraging everyone to join the co-op and that every step of your onboarding journey is a step closer to being a member. Everyone who contributes to Resonate regularly in ways that benefit the co-op should almost inevitably earn membership -- opting out should be a rare but valid option.

Verb-based design rather than noun-based. Present onboarding paths based upon what users want to do and what their needs are, not how they may identify themselves.

Treat every Account as if they someday will be using every service we offer:

Every Resonate Account lets you listen to music on the Resonate Player.

Modular abilities. Users can unlock various kits which authorize new abilities. Every account gets a Listener Kit. There are a variety of ways to earn a Member Kit, including contributing money.

An Artist Kit gives you the ability to upload music. It can be unlocked by setting up an Artist Profile and completing some KYC.

One Resonate Account / one user / one email address / one membership.

An account can create multiple usernames. Profile/Page can be managed by multiple Accounts.

The output of creating Profiles is that new pages appear on the Resonate Player. Edit powers over these pages can be granted to multiple Profiles.


Do Accounts hold credits or do Profiles?

Will there ever be a situation where an Account will want to be able to receive credits but not spend them (listen to music)?

Can an Account listen to music (aka spend credits) using a Profile?

If a new Account can generate many Profiles and consequently claim many usernames, what is stopping someone from claiming all artists usernames in advance and creating Pages for them? What should the KYC process be for being able to create an Artist Profile? Should there be a limit on how many Profiles you can make initially and you first have to complete KYC?

Should you be able to display other artists' songs in a playlist on your Artist Page?